Join the Bow Group for a celebration of the Act of Union and Burn's Night, with a campaign speech from Better Together by Tom Harris MP and a keynote speech from The Rt Hon Lord Lamont PC.

Monday 28th January 2013, 7pm

The Caledonian Club, Belgravia
9 Halkin St, London, United Kingdom

Dress: lounge suits / highland dress or equivalent ladies' attire. 

Drinks, canapés and haggis provided. 

Tickets: £20 for Bow Group members and £25 for non-members
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The Bow Group & the Freedom Association will be hosting a Memorial Tribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher from 11am-5pm on the 17th of April 2013, with addresses in celebration of her life and legacy by many who knew her, worked with her and were influenced by her.

As a think tank, the Bow Group became a foundry of ideas for free market liberalism that eventually overcame the Keynesian consensus of the post-war era. The successful 1979 Conservative Party Manifesto, which Margaret Thatcher was first elected under, was largely the product of the work of Peter Lilley and others from the Bow Group, who had been campaigning for a change in direction in Conservative leadership and policy for a decade.

The appointment of many of the Bow Group’s senior executive - including Geoffrey Howe, Norman Lamont, Kenneth Clarke, John Major, Peter Lilley, Michael Heseltine and Michael Howard - to Parliament and Cabinet - ,following her election , cemented that inseparable bond, which has lasted ever since.

Please join us to celebrate a true conservative, a great Briton, and a leader of peerless vision.

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Unfortunately if you do not RSVP it will not be possible to include your name on the guest list and you may be refused entry to the event.


At the Institute of Economic Affairs, 2 Lord North Street (entrance on Great Peter Street), Westminster, SW1P 3LB -

Speakers will include:

Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute for Economic Affairs

Andrew Lilico, Director of Europe Economics and columnist for the Daily Telegraph

John Stevens, founder of the Pro-Euro Conservative Party & former Conservative MEP for Thames Valley.

PagesIn the past the Bow Group held a series of debates called the "Unthinkables". The idea being that these debates discussed controversial issues, scenarios, or what many would consider unthinkable solutions to national problems. Encompassing a wide range of views these debates brought together speakers from the opposing ends of the dialectic spectrum.

In the past the Bow Group held a series of debates called the "Unthinkables". The idea being that these debates discussed controversial issues, scenarios, or what many would consider unthinkable solutions to national problems. Encompassing a wide range of views these debates brought together speakers from the opposing ends of the dialectic spectrum.
We aim to revive this series of debates and relaunch them with the event: "The Unthinkables: London's Global Financial Centre is lost without urgent and radical solution."

London is no longer the undisputed financial centre of the world, and many economists agree that without urgent and radical action London will cease to be the world's financial centre.
The Bow Group therefore calls a debate on the radical solutions to save the City; including consideration of whether to adopt the Euro, or make London a special tax free enterprise zone.

On the 3 of May at 13:30 Bow Group members are invited to attend a tour of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home of the Chelsea Pensioners and the chosen charity of Baroness Thatcher.

The Bow Group in association with the Freedom Association is delighted to be presenting the Royal Hospital with a donation on behalf of both organisations. 

A tour of the Hospital will be given by one of the pensioners and following the tour members will have use of the pensioners own bar for the rest of the day with the opportunity to meet pensioners and veterans. 

Tickets are limited and there will be a £5 charge for attendance and attendance will be open to members of the Bow Group only, on a first come first served basis. 

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Tuesday 14th May 2013, 6:30pm, Committee Room 9, House of Commons

How can the legacy of Lady Thatcher be preserved and extended?

Leading Conservative thinkers will suggest ways of
continuing the legacy of Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013).

Speakers include:
• John Redwood MP - Wider ownership: a timeless idea
• Chris Chope OBE MP - Leadership skills and convictions
• Nirj Deva DL FRSA MEP – A Thatcherite assessment of the Coalition
• Andrew Stephenson, MP
• Oliver Cooper, National Chairman of Conservative Future - Thatcher the anti-Conservative
• Ben Harris-Quinney, Director of Conservative Grassroots & Chairman of the Bow Group - Was Mrs Thatcher a libertarian?

The conference will be held at the Palace of Westminster. Committee Room 9.



The Bow Group's Spanish Summer Reception


Launch of Conservative Friends of Spain

at the kind invitation of His Excellency Ambassador Trillo of Spain

Speakers will include:

His Excellency Ambassador Trillo-Figueroa of Spain (Former Secretary of Defence)


The Rt. Hon. David Liddington MP, Minister for Europe


The Chairman and Council of the Bow Group are delighted to announce the Bow Group's Spanish Summer Reception.

The event will take place at the Embassy of Spain, Belgrave Square, London at 630pm on the 10th of June 2013 .

Drinks, canapes and tapas will be served in the Great Room of the Embassy and Gardens.

To RSVP or for more information please email

Tickets are £15 for Members and £20 for Non-Members.

Puchase tickets via eventbrite here. 

If you are unable to pay online please make out cheques to "The Bow Group" and post to: The Bow Group, 1A Heath Hurst Road, London, NW3 2RU.

Alternatively please make payment at the event.

Dress: Black Tie or Lounge Suits

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In association with Conservative Grassroots.

With UKIP on the rise in the national polls and at the ballot box, some Conservatives have been moved to raise the question of a possible Conservative/UKIP electoral pact. But with UKIP regularly relegating Conservative candidates into second (and third) place, who would step aside for whom? And would the members of either party stand for it?

Speaking on the subject will be 

Douglas Carswell MP
Douglas is the popular Conservative member for Clacton in Essex. Given a Eurosceptic Rating of 9/10 on Guido Fawkes' blog, he is described by Dod's as "Tall and Eurosceptic ... one of his party's radical thinkers". In the 2010 election Douglas increased his majority from just 912 to a very healthy 12,068, and was supported in that efford by UKIP, who declined to run a candidate against him.

Toby Young
Toby is an author, journalist, and co-founder of the West London Free School. He is described by himself on Twitter as "Maverick Tory, Classical Liberal", and by popular consensus as 'controversial'. In his Telegraph column he recently pitched the idea of an 'advisory service'; a non-aligned brokerage service between UKIP and the Conservatives. 

Roger Bird
Roger is Chairman of UKIP's South East region. An alumni of the Bow Group, he served as Treasurer 1999-2000 and wrote two research papers for the group in the 1990s. He is a defector to UKIP from the Conservative Party, having served as a Conservative Councillor in Wandsworth 1998-2006.

Peter Wilding

Peter Wilding is the Director of British Influence and Trustee of the Bow Group. Peter has worked in European Affairs for 20 years and was former Head of Media and Policy for the Conservative Party in the European Parliament and former Head of EU Policy for BSkyB.


The discussion will take place in Committee Room 11, at 7pm on Monday 24th June. Admission is free, but if you would like to attend, please RSVP and sign up to the facebook event here.

The Bow Group, in association with Aiducation International and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, is pleased to invite Members to attend a private reception at the kind invitation of Sir Paul Judge. 

The reception will take place at: 

The Private Residence of Sir Paul Judge
152 Grosvenor Road

Friday July 12th 2012
730pm ~ until late

Drinks and canapés will served in the penthouse suite from 730pm.



To RSVP or for more information please email:

Add the event to your facebook calender here.


A late afternoon reception at Epernay champagne bar, just a few meters from the conference zone.

Food and drink (wine & juice) will be on offer.

The speakers will be John Redwood MP, Andrew Mitchell MP and Phillip Blond, who will discuss how we can reverse the decline in membership.


A discussion to consider how the conservative movement could be united by a pact with UKIP.

To be held the Bridgewater Conference Centre in the Charles Halle Room.

Speakers will include:

- James Delingpole (Columnist for the Times, the Daily Telegraph & the Spectator)

- Toby Young (Recent contributing editor of Vanity Fair, columnist for the Spectator and the Daily Telegraph)

- Andrew Lilico (Economist with Europe Economics, former member of the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee)

- Ben Harris-Quinney (Chairman, The Bow Group)


 Raheem Kassam (Editor, Trending Central)

Drinks will be provided.