'This is ABSURD!' Arch-Remainer EXPLODES as Andrew Neil says he called Leavers 'VERMIN'

'This is ABSURD!' Arch-Remainer EXPLODES as Andrew Neil says he called Leavers 'VERMIN'

ANDREW NEIL clashed with AC Grayling in a furious Brexit debate after the BBC host accused the professor of calling leave voters “vermin”.

AC Grayling was outraged by the accusation from Andrew Neil as he said he called four members of the Conservative Party and one member from Ukip “vermin”, adding it was on “on very good grounds”.

Andrew Neil put the philosopher on the spot after he demanded Brits were given another vote on leaving the EU.

Speaking on This Week, the host said: “Hasn’t Brexit in a way discombobulated you?

“You are a respected professor but you have suggested that the Government send a Royal Navy frigate to the South China Sea so the Chinese could sink it and change the news agenda.

 “You have called Brexiteers vermin, that’s 17.4million people.

“You called for a general strike to halt Brexit.

“And you have called for ultra Remainers, you said they’re being silenced by the forces of the state, which I guess is why you are not here tonight.”

AC Grayling attempted to interrupt Mr Neil before he attacked the Leave campaign.

He said: “Come one, this is absurd, honestly, I made a joke about the frigate right.

“I didn’t call the people who voted to leave vermin. I name four people in the Conservative Party and one person outside it in Ukip and I called them vermin and on very good grounds.

“Why? Because Michael Portillo talks about bullying and paternalism and all the rest of it.

“When actually the Leave campaign which you obviously are in favour of lied through its teeth, made false promises.”

Mr Portillo snapped back claiming “so did the Remain side” which led Mr AC Grayling to claim they did not.

AC Grayling demanded to know what the Remain campaign lied about during the 2016 EU referendum.

Mr Portillo said: “The Chancellor of the Exchequer said it would be necessary to have a punishment budget immediately after the vote if there was a vote to leave. That was clearly not true.”


Friday, June 15, 2018