At a Bow Group Event, Roger Stone claims that President Trump is ready to do a trade deal with Britain now and Theresa May needs to stop delaying.

DEPUTY Conservative Party Chairman, James Cleverly, made a brilliant point about the UK’s ability to get trade deals with other countries after Brexit.

The Tory MP made compared Britain to Canada, saying the UK can make itself an “agile” trading nations after Brexit, as it is not just a “gateway into Europe.”

Mr Cleverly was asked on BBC’s Any Questions how the UK can secure trade deals with a far smaller population than the EU and with Britain being seen as a gateway into the European Union

He said: “I think it very much will do because actually once we leave the EU we can set our own regulatory framework, we can set our own tax framework. 

“We can make ourselves an agile and adaptable trading nation.

 “I think it’s really interesting the point implicit in your question, is the UK is one of the largest economies in the world and we shouldn’t just see ourselves as the gateway into Europe. 

“The EU did a trade deal with Canada, they didn’t see it as a gateway into the United States of America.

“They saw it as a significant trading partner in its own right and that’s the position we should be taking.”

Donald Trump's oldest political ally and adviser has said the US President is ready to do a trade deal with Britain now and Theresa May needs to stop delaying.

Speaking at a Tory Bow Group event in central London, Roger Stone, who was previously a key adviser to Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, told the Daily Express that Britain will need a Trump like political figure with charisma who can stand up to the political elites to make a success of Brexit.

He described a trade deal between the UK and USA as the “single most important thing” for the two countries.

He said: “What I don’t understand is why the May administration isn’t pushing the Trump administration for a better trade deal.

“It’s in the Trump administration’s advantage to do so and, with Brexit surely coming, despite the fact that they seem to be delaying this as long as they possibly can to the financial detriment to the people of this country, you could have a vibrant and effective new trade relationship because Trump is open for business.”

He went on: “People keep asking me, ‘why isn’t Trump pushing this?’ I don’t think the problem is on Trump’s end. I think he’s ready.”



Sunday, February 4, 2018