Bow Group member Daniel Hannan says Manchester murderer is solely to blame, not Britain

By Rebecca Perring in the Express

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A TORY politician has launched an attack on suicide bomber Salman Abedi saying the terrorist should have been “grateful” to Britain for providing sanctuary to his Libyan family.

Daniel Hannan said Britain - the country Abedi’s parents sought refuge in - was not to blame for the events that led to the depraved 22-year-old detonating a nail bomb, which killed 22 people and injured 115 others at Manchester Arena. 

And the Conservative MEP argued the UK had in fact “toppled” dictator Muammar Gaddafii who had “persecuted” the terrorist's Libyan family. 

His comments come as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn blamed Britain’s foreign policy for the Manchester terror attack and said “foreign wars” encouraged terrorists.

The Manchester-born jihadi was the son of Libyan refugees, mother Samia Tabbal and father Ramadan Abed who fled to the UK to escape the Gaddafi regime in Libya. 

Mr Hannan said: “Was it our fault? Oh, for heaven's sake, how many times? 

“Abedi's parents were given sanctuary in Britain because they had been persecuted in Libya by Muammar Gaddafi. As if that wasn't enough, Britain then took the lead in ousting the mad colonel.” 

Abedi’s sister has reportedly said her brother was driven to murder because he wanted revenge for the “explosives America drops on children in Syria”. 

Describing her brother as kind and loving, Jomana Abedi, 18, said: “I think he saw Muslim children dying everywhere and wanted revenge.” 

But Mr Hannan said: “Abedi's sister was quoted as saying that he might have wanted 'revenge' for Muslim kids killed in Syria. 

“That would be the Muslim kids killed by Bashar Assad, whom Britain is also working to remove.

“In short, he had every reason to be grateful to the country that had given him refuge and freedom.”

Earlier today, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame the atrocity on actions against terrorist extremists in the Middle East, which has seen ISIS almost wiped out by the Iraqi army thanks to British and allied air support.

He said: “We just be brave enough to admit the war on terror is not working.

"Our approach will involve change at home and change abroad."

But Mr Hannan said “nothing can stop a suicide bomber”. 

Writing for the Washington Examiner, he added: “Can we do more to prevent attacks like this? Here is perhaps the hardest thing to say. Nothing can stop a suicide bomber who has picked a soft target. Suppose we had metal detectors and security checks at every sports stadium and concert hall.

"The line of people at the checkpoint would then become vulnerable, as we saw in the Brussels airport bombing.” 

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017