Bow Group paper urges Government to scrap badger cull plans

The Bow Group has unveiled a paper in Parliament urging the Government to reconsider plans to resume badger culling in England in autumn 2012, saying the culls, an attempt to control the spread of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), are likely to be more costly and less practical to conduct than DEFRA believes. Counter-intuitively, culling has also been proven to make bTB worse and Defra’s focus should be on vaccination instead. These are also the findings of Lord Krebs, architect of the huge badger culling programme conducted by the last Government.

It follows an announcement this week that the Welsh Assembly Government is scrapping plans to cull in favour of vaccination. You can read more and download the full paper on this page: Bow Group paper urges badger culls to be scrapped 


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You can also see a brief debate on BBC Sunday Politics SW, broadcast on 1 Apr 2012, on BBC iPlayer here: Neil Parish MP + Darren Cowell MP on badger culling (short-term link)

Sunday, March 25, 2012