Bow Group President, Norman Tebbit, on Michael Heseltine

First of all, I should wish all readers of this column a very happy 2018. In my 87th year I am very happy to have made it into a year which should show further progress towards Brexit although it may well means some rather long days in The Lords resisting the Remainers fanatical attempts to prevent progress towards independence for the British people.

That puts me in a rather different camp to my one time colleague in government, Lord Heseltine, who is now backing the neo-Marxist IRA sympathiser Mr Corbyn. Heseltine argues that it would be such a disaster if this kingdom were to regain its independence from rule by the European Commissioners in Brussels that even a neo-Marxist government determined to follow the policies which have ruined Cuba and Venezuala would be a better alternative.

It would , he says, be only for a short time while Brexit would be for the long time.

He should try reading the history of the nations which have foolishly elected a far Left government then struggled to get rid of it in order to regain their freedom.. I fear it might well be yet another chapter in the book of Marxist democracy: One man, one vote, but only once.

There are perfectly reputable arguments to be made that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union. But to go so far as to advocate that electors should vote for Mr Corbyn's Labour Party is simply incompatible with membership of the Conservative party.

Indeed, as the Chairman of the long-established centrist think tank, The Bow Group, has said, Lord Heseltine should lose the Conservative Whip in the House of Lords together with his membership of the Conservative Party.

I have rather more sympathy for Lord Adonis, who has resigned ( perhaps to pre-empt his sacking) as a Government advisor. Lord Adonis is a one time member of the SDP and later of the Labour Party and was both an advisor and a Minister in the last Labour Government. In that government he served as an Education Minister and initiated the highly successful independent academies programme.


He is a ridiculously fanatical opponent of Brexit. I suspect that he has neither sufficient feeling nor understanding of British history and cannot believe that we British people have a long history of running our own country rather better than any nation on mainland Europe.

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Monday, January 1, 2018