Bow Group President, Norman Tebbit says Theresa May must learn from Margaret Thatcher to deliver strong Brexit


Tory grandee Lord Tebbit has said Theresa May should take a leaf from Margaret Thatcher's book if she is to deliver a Brexit that helps Britain.

Tebbit, who served as one of Thatcher's key lieutenants during her period of power, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer as rumours about May's position continue. 

He said that, whereas May generally tries to go her own way and follow her instincts when making decisions, Thatcher would happily consult her Cabinet. In that era Tebbit said, "the government reached a decision" rather than Thatcher herself.

This collegiate approach helped bring consensus, and whereas Philip Hammond is openly criticisng the Government's Brexit plans, Tebbit said that, under Thatcher, any dissenters would have resigned voluntarily, as the regime was all about agreement and unity.

However Tebbit said there is currently no desire among his Tory friends to get rid of May at present.

He suggested that May be given time to complete the Brexit process, and "after that, well let's think whether she's the right person to take us through to the next general election."

'A self-governing nation decides who can come in'

Tebbit also supported May's announcement that EU migrants will be treated differently when Britain leaves the bloc.

Britain voted for self-government in the Brexit referendum, Tebbit said, and "a self-governing nation decides who can come across its frontiers."

Economic forecasts continue to suggest that Britain will suffer as a result of Brexit, while the EU is talking tough about the UK's prospects of a trade deal.

But Tebbit said people should "stop being so silly" and "we need to take a lot less notice of these silly boys that keep giving forecasts."

If the Germans stop selling us cars and the French stop selling us cheese, Tebbit said, "we can put up with that."


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Wednesday, February 7, 2018