Bow Group Route for HS2 featured in Rail Technology Magazine

The UK's leading rail transport digest has featured the Bow Group's proposed route for HS2 in its latest edition.Writing in Rail Technology Magazine, Tony Lodge the Bow Group's  Energy, Transport and Environmental Policy research fellow commented: "It is difficult to think of any other major project where bolting on bits here and there has arrived at a well-designed, costeffective and elegant solution. If anything, this approach only serves to exacerbate the original flaws of HS2 Ltd’s proposals and the project to deliver Britain’s second high speed railway must be reassessed.The Conservative Party got high-speed rail right in 1991 and 2008, and the Party can again lead on the subject and back the right track for the next section of Britain’s high speed railway. The recommendations of the Transport Select Committee are equally clear. European experience is unambiguous. The Coalition Government should be delighted that there is now a potential consensus around a better, cheaper, less environmentally destructive scheme that can progress with all-party support, that is the Bow Group's route." Read the full article here. 
Wednesday, February 1, 2012