The Bow Group urges the Prime Minister to act urgently to deal with an escalating constitutional crisis.

The Bow Group urges the Prime Minister to act urgently to deal with an escalating constitutional crisis.
Quotes: All the following are quotes from Jonathan Stanley, Scotland spokesman

Opinion on the Government: “The Bow Group has previously called for the Scottish Secretary of State to resign over this needless risk to Brexit and given how the Lords are now openly seeking to overturn Brexit we have been proven right. The Prime Minister must take seriously these emerging threats to the referendum result if she is to be taken seriously at all."
On Holyrood…”Holyrood this evening refused to give legislative consent to the Brexit Bill where the Scottish Conservatives found themselves isolated almost 12 months after the Bow group warned specifically that this vote result would happen unless the Brexit Bill uncoupled from devolution. Scottish devolution is more extensive than in Wales and came about following the Claim of Right adopted by the major parties prior to the Parliament´s reopening. It is not surprising that Cardiff could agree to the current proposals while Holyrood could not and comparisons between the two are far from wise.
It has been reported in a national newspaper (Daily Express) that the Prime Minister has intimated that there could be a snap border poll in Northern Ireland without explaining that the UK would immediately strike it down as unlawful and unconstitutional and in the absence of devolved government. This comes after numerous acts and scenes of theatre over a second Scottish referendum while legislative consent has not been given.

"Such snap polls in Scotland and Northern Ireland would prove highly destabilising to civil society. Expression of doubt in the Union is unacceptable from a Prime Minister and lowers the threshold for calling for independence referenda considerably. We need immediate and decisive clarity from Downing Street that no border poll in Scotland or Northern Ireland will happen and that the Prime Minister's commitment to the UK excludes all possible doubt of its integrity."

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018