At The Bow Group's 'Brexit - Red Lines' Event - Brexiteer MPs warn that Pro-Eu Tories could scupper Brexit

Brexiteers warn pro-EU Tory rebels could RUIN split: ‘A coalition of traitors!’

Rebel Tories were compared to pro-Nazi traitors and one Eurosceptic launched a stinging attack on his fellow party members after calling for virtual trench warfare to defeat them.


Another anti-EU veteran suggested firms which fight against Brexit are guilty of “appeasement”.

There is now a 60 per cent chance the UK will never quit the bloc as a result of MPs undermining the Brexit process, backbencher Philip Davies said. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Bow Group think-tank last night, Sir Bill Cash slammed Tories who are trying to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to keep us chained to European institutions.

Sir Bill said: "I'm very concerned about the dissident collaborators. These people have really got to understand what's at stake - we aren't out of the woods by any means."

He also suggested companies worried about taking an economic hit from Brexit were similar to British people who wanted to appease Hitler in the 1930s.

He added: “A lot of people in the City or in agriculture have got to ask themselves about - in a different context - appeasement.

“The fact that we had to save Europe twice should never, ever be forgotten."

Mr Davies, MP for Shipley, told the audience: “The Remoaners on our side in Parliament have got their second wind.

"This coalition of what you might call quislings... have decided that if they play their cards right they can stop us leaving the European Union.

“Because of our quislings and Remoaners, we are having to get in to the trenches to fight a battle we thought we had already won.”

Quisling is a slang word meaning traitor - a reference to the wartime leader of Norway who teamed up with the Nazis.

Peter Bone, an outspoken Eurosceptic, said he was not confident Brexit will actually happen because of the rebels’ efforts to delay the process.

He said: “I think the Establishment and Remainers are playing a brilliant game.

“If I had to have a bet on whether Brexit will happen, I would say it’s probably 60-40 it won’t happen.”

Around 20 Conservative backbenchers have vowed to oppose parts of the Withdrawal Bill in the upcoming votes. 

They insist they are only trying to ensure the Government does not end up with so-called Henry the VIII powers, meaning new powers of the Executive which cannot be held to the account.



Thursday, December 7, 2017