Breitbart: Bow Group Condemns those Tories Who Sold out to Vote for May’s Failing ‘Deal’

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Britain’s Oldest Conservative Think Tank the Bow Group Condemns those Tories Who Sold out to Vote for May’s Failing ‘Deal’

Chairman of the Bow Group Ben Harris-Quinney told Breitbart London:

"Several weeks ago several intermediaries were being used by Number 10 to reach out to Brexit supporting groups including the Bow Group to ask us to support May’s deal.

Some like Matthew Elliott capitulated under unclear conditions, but our demands were clear: The Bow Group will only support a withdrawal agreement that restores all sovereign powers to the United Kingdom, that comes alongside widespread democratic reforms within the Conservative Party so that candidates and leaders are elected not selected, and a strong immigration White Paper.

The response from Number 10 was that none of these conditions would even be considered, but that we should support the deal anyway.

I have never encountered such arrogance and catastrophic miscalculation of the realpolitik of a situation. There was a pig-headed unwillingness by Number 10 to wake up to the political reality. Instead they have made fools of themselves and by extension this country with their childlike misunderstanding of political reality.

The membership of the Conservative Party will no doubt wish to investigate how these amateurs came to unaccountably lead what was once the greatest political party in Britain.

As for the way forward for Brexit, unless an acceptable withdrawal agreement is presented we believe the best course to deliver the Brexit that was on the ballot is a no deal/WTO scenario on April 12th.

Potential Conservative leadership candidates like Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, who by their own admission are not conservatives and have not been long-term Brexiteers, have done their leadership ambitions huge damage – Both in supporting May’s deal because of its betrayal of Brexit, but also their naive miscalculation of of how things were likely to play out in the Chamber today.

The Bow Group is immensely proud of our Senior Patrons Sir John Redwood and Sir Bill Cash who have shown great calm under pressure to honestly stick to their principles not only today, but throughout their long political careers. It so happens to be our President Lord Tebbit’s birthday today, and we wish him many happy returns in a life that has also been underwritten by unwavering principle.

The same can be said for almost all those Tory MPs who voted against this betrayal of Brexit. In a time when faith in politics is at an all time low, it is an honour to stand alongside the incorruptible torch bearers of the true spirit of the Conservative Party, however few of them remain."

Read the Full Timeline at Breitbart Here

Monday, April 1, 2019