Britain's Oldest Conservative Think Tank Endorses Dinah Glover

As a prominent grassroots conservative organisation the Bow Group is pleased to announce that we are endorsing Dinah Glover for the position of Vice President of the National Conservative Convention.

We are supporting Dinah because she supports one of our five points to achieve democratisation of the Conservative Party: to see the Party Chairman elected by Party members, rather than appointed by the Party leader.

This is something the Bow Group has proposed for many years, and a crucial first step in the necessary democratisation of the Conservative Party.

If Britain's leading political parties are not democratic institutions, then we will be given leaders, rather than choosing them.

This doesn't just benefit our democracy and grassroots members, democracy re-energizes political parties. Since David Cameron became leader in 2005 the Conservative Party has lost more than half of its membership, that process must be reversed.

At the moment the movement towards centralised control of the Conservative Party continues, and reversing it will be a long process.

Dinah aims to take steps that would allow Associations and members more say over how the Conservative Party is run and who runs it, and this should be an important step in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019