Daily Express: Work with UKIP or lose the General Election?

Ben Harris-Quinney, ­Chairman of the Bow Group has agreed with the previous comments of Conservative Party Vice-Chairman Michael Frabricant in saying is time for a “mature discussion” to stop UKIP fielding candidates in seats vital for a Tory majority.

While David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage share a mutual disdain, Mr Harris-Quinney said party members would be “far more comfortable” in coalition with Ukip than they are with the Lib Dems.

He warned that without such a pact, the party could be torn apart if votes lost to Ukip cost the Tories victory in 2015.

Mr Harris-Quinney said: “As Nigel Farage has said, ‘There are two wings of the Conservative Party and they agree on almost nothing’. That cannot go on. A house divided cannot stand. There is a danger the party may split. I hope it doesn’t. I hope it returns to core values and that will mean moving much closer to UKIP.”

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Sunday, April 7, 2013