Daniel Kawczynski MP: Brexiteer Cabinet Ministers would have to resign if May backs down on Customs Union

Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Michael Gove would have to resign if Theresa May backs down on Customs Union membership post-Brexit, according to Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski.

He also thinks the parliamentary vote tabled by Remoaners like Chuka Umunna, but also Tory Europhiles like Anna Soubry, should possibly be held as a vote of no confidence in Theresa May as a way of forcing the rebels to wake up and realise the damage they’re doing to Britain and their party by refusing to accept the will of the people.

Kawczynski told Westmonster: “I believe she (Theresa May) has to flush these people out who are threatening to override the wishes of the British people. They are actually harming Britain’s negotiating hand – that’s very concerning. I would go as far as to say the vote on the Customs Union should maybe be done as a vote of no confidence to challenge these Tory MPs to actually finally realise that they need to get behind the government’s negotiating stance.

“The idea that they are going to try to shackle us to the EU Customs Union would be an economic and political disaster. It would make us a vassal state. Anna Soubry’s given no indication that she’s willing to consider or support a free trade agreement. Her behaviour is economically illiterate.”

On Brexiteer Cabinet ministers resigning if May does an about turn, Kawczynski said: “It would be impossible for them to stay in Cabinet – Gove, Fox and Boris Johnson. They led us through Brexit, they took the lead and they knew exactly what they were doing and for them to back down on a fundamental part of Brexit and allow us to become a vassal state would be a massive betrayal of what they stood for during the referendum.

“More letters would go into the 1922 Committee. It’s a resigning matter and would impact upon the confidence in the leader if she backed down. It’s a red line.

“We are not being unreasonable, we are going along with huge compromises already: free movement of people for the next two years, the divorce bill, fishing boats plundering our waters for the next couple of years. We are not unreasonable people but this one can’t be swallowed. It would make the UK a laughing stock, reduce our global standing an neuter our ability to trade with the Commonwealth emerging markets. It could also lead to the resurgence of UKIP.”

Bottom of Form

He thinks the idea of keeping Britain tied to a Customs Union would reduce the economic benefits that Brexit stands to bring.

He said: “Britain has a unique position in the world with the Commonwealth. Trade among the Commonwealth nations is going to reach one trillion pounds by 2020. It’s one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Any idea that we would thwart our ability to strike up trade deals with a bloc of nations that’s going to account for 70% of world growth over the next decade is absurd.”


Tuesday, April 24, 2018