Is Mr Brexit the Only Politician in the UK that the President Can Trust?

Following President Trump's successful state visit, The Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney reflects on the lessons the US needs to learn in discerning its friends from its foes in the UK. From Boris Johnson's untrustworthiness to Sadiq Khan's open (albeit toothless) hostility, the President has few friends in the UK. The only friend that he can rely on to help facilitate the special relationship is Mr Brexit: Nigel Farage. 

Harris-Quinney sees our current predicament echoing the similarly turbulent 1980's. The period saw the strengthening and solidifying of the special relationship due to the trust and ties built through shared vision and conservative values, which inspired both Thatcher and Reagan.

Despite the loathing that establishment figures and their political parties display towards both the President and Mr Farage, Harris-Quinney is certain that a conservative counter revolution is under way. We are seeing a new dawn of ever closer ties between the US and the UK: "In the long run institutions will rise to cement what Farage and Trump have achieved."

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Thursday, June 13, 2019