'Remoaners are the PROBLEM' - Daniel Hannan SLAMS Evan Davis over Brexit criticism

'Remoaners are the PROBLEM' - Daniel Hannan SLAMS Evan Davis over Brexit criticism

CONSERVATIVE MEP, Daniel Hannan blamed Remaoners for the lack of progress in EU negotiations on BBC Newsnight yesterday evening after BBC host Evan Davis suggested the Tories handling of the Brexit negotiations was so poor they should call another General Election.

Mr Hannan, who was a leading campaigner for vote Leave during the EU referendum, furiously shot down Mr Davis for suggesting the Government was weak and insisted the Conservative party, under Theresa May’s leadership, has a clear vision for when the UK leaves the EU.

Mr Davis had said: “Isn’t the real truth that this is a shambles because the Conservative party hasn’t decided what it wants from Brexit?

“It could, with the DUP, have a majority in the House of Commons if it could agree on something.

“Here we are, we’ve got less then a year until Brexit and you still haven’t decided what the heck we are going to do.

“Now if that just isn’t a shambles I’m not sure what is.”

But in a fierce defence, Mr Hannan hit back: “I don’t think that is fair.

“The Prime Minister set out very early, first in her Lancaster House speech and then in her Florence Speech, the basis of the deal she wanted.”

The arch-Brexiteer added: “The problem has been that as long as British Remainers are doing the EU’s work for it and threatening to keep us in this subservient status where we have all of the obligations of membership but no vote and no voice, why does Brussels have any incentive to negotiate in the first place.”

Mr Davis fired back saying: “You can’t blame Remainers for screwing it up, the Irish border is the thing that Theresa May is struggling with.”

The BBC host continued: “Look, let me just ask you one question.

 “In your view would it not be better to stop Brexit or delay Brexit while the Conservative party goes away and works out what it’s going to do and when you’ve decided you can come back, reignite and get it going again?”

Rubbishing the remarks from the BBC host, Mr Hannan defended his party.

He said: “The problem is not that the Conservative party could not make up its mind.

 “The problem would still remain that there wouldn’t be a majority in parliament to deliver a sensible Brexit.

“I think ultimately the way to break the log-jam would be through another election.”

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Saturday, May 26, 2018