Theresa May to appoint 10 peers for 'BLOODY' Brexit 'street fight' in the House of Lords

Theresa May to appoint 10 peers for 'BLOODY' Brexit 'street fight' in the House of Lords

THERESA May will next week introduce 10 more Tories to the House of Lords as the second chamber prepares for what has been described as a “bloody street fight” over Brexit.

Opposition peers have threatened to water down the landmark EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which passes the Commons this week.

Former Cabinet ministers Eric Pickles and Peter Lilley are among those on a list to be appointed to the Lords.

The list has been put forward by Mrs May and the independent House of Lords Appointment Commission will meet next week to approve it.

Other Tories being considered for peerages include former MPs Edward Garnier, Julian Brazier and Andrew Tyrie.

All of them either stood down or lost their seats the last general election.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is also set to appoint three new peers.

The Conservatives currently have 248 peers in the House of Lords, which is more than 150 short of the Lords’ total 795 members.

A Tory minister told The Sun: “Pretty much the whole of 2018 is going to be a bloody street fight in the Lords, who are overwhelmingly either soft Brexit or pro-Remain.

“There will be a lot of late nights, so we’ll need as many reinforcements as we can in there.”

The news has also come after Theresa May was last week urged to overrule the House of Lords if peers attempt to block Brexit.

The Bow Group, chaired by former cabinet minister Lord Tebbit, alongside the Eurosceptic Bruges Group raised concerns Remain-backing Lords will change the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in a way which keeps Britain tied to Brussels rule.

Philip Davies MP echoed the warning that Remainers will attempt to water down Britain’s decision to unshackle itself from the bloc.

Shipley MP Mr Davies said: “Whilst the House of Lords has a Remain majority, they would do well to remember their unelected nature and the potential backlash to their shunning of a majority decision taken by the public.

“Parliament must act on the will of the people, not the Lords.”

Five more major bills on Brexit are set to follow the EU (Withdrawal) Bill this year.



Sunday, January 14, 2018