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TRUMP PROTESTS: Thousands march TODAY against US president’s visit

TENS of thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest over Donald Trump’s planned visit to the UK at the same time as MPs debate the President’s arrival.

Numerous demonstrations are currently being executed across the country - from Brighton to Inverness - organised by the Stop Trump coalition. 

Protests are currently at their peak and will remain so for the next hour, causing chaos during the evening rush-hour, as tens of thousands of people waving anti-Trump signs take to the streets of London and in city centres including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Glasgow and Sheffield. 

In the capital the biggest gathering is currently underway in Parliament Square and will run until 8pm, with speakers including Owen Jones and Caroline Lucas scheduled to appear. 

Met Police told Express.co.uk there have so far been no arrests, despite the widespread chaos.

Some protesters are waving banners accusing the Republican of being "sexist", but senior Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski is vehemently against the protests and believes Trump should be welcomed into Britain.

Mr Kawczynski, a Polish-born politician with extensive foreign policy experience, told Express.co.uk: "We need to respect the democratic will of the Americans and they elected Donald Trump.

"Theresa May has shown good leadership on this to engage with the President and take a pragmatic approach and try to influence him on the matters that concern the United Kingdom, such as his committment to NATO or bilateral trade agreements.

"America is Britain's historic ally and its leader should be treated with respect."

Speaking about the protest speeches given by left-wing activist Owen Jones, Mr Kawczynski added: "I did not see Owen Jones giving a speech before the leader of China was welcomed into the House of Commons.

"There are numerous different heads of state that come to the UK who we don't see eye to eye with on certain issues. I think he is simply climbing onto the centre-left bandwagon without realising the damage that is being done.

"I have spoken to Republican congressmen and even those who don't fully support Trump are shocked by Britain's reaction."

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, a centre-right think tank with close links to Trump, said: "This country was a far more mature and effective world power 100 years ago, when we understood that international trade and diplomacy is conducted with other nations of very different cultures and views.

"As it happens, the United States of America under President Trump is one rare nation that is incredibly close and favourable to Britain and our way of life.

"That low grade politicians wish to jeapordise trade deals worth trillions of pounds on the grounds of irrelevant statements the President may have made years ago demonstrates their priorities are to themselves, and not the future prosperity of our country. We are being governed by petulant children, and to grasp the Brexit opportunity adults must return to our Parliament."

The director of campaigning group Conservative Progress, Mo Metcalf-Fisher, also told Express.co.uk: "The Government are right to allow President Trump a state visit.

"He is the democratically elected leader of our greatest ally and at a time when we need to be talking trade, it is essential that we maintain a positive relationship."

The joint day of action is happening in solidarity with One Day Without Us, and the group are planning a march outside parliament to lobby the Government to secure the rights of EU nationals in the UK. 

The demo coincides with a debate in Parliament as MPs decide whether to ban Donald Trump’s scheduled State Visit, which was extended by Prime Minister Theresa May on behalf of the Queen when she visited Washington DC. 

Kicking off at 4.30pm, MPs will spend three hours discussing the motion in Westminster Hall’s second debating chamber, but it has no legal force meaning any outcome is not legally binding. 

A staggering 1.8 million people signed a online petition calling for the property tycoon to be denied the privilege of a State Visit, meaning the debate was given the green light in the Commons as it quickly smashed the 100,000 benchmark. 

It was claimed the visit would cause “embarrassment to the Queen”, and drew support from a wide range of celebrities, officials and politicians, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

The Government’s official response rejected the petition, saying Mr Trump should be extended the “full courtesy” of a visit. 

A spokesman said: "We look forward to welcoming President Trump once dates and arrangements are finalised.” 

The protests were launched after the 70-year-old signed an executive order banning those from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US, one of his first directives as Commander-in-Chief. 

The move caused chaos and confusion at airports - and dubbed the Muslim travel ban - it received international condemnation before US Supreme and Federal judges moved quickly through the courts to block it. 

Demonstrations have received widespread support from famous faces including Lily Allen, Bianca Jagger, Paloma Faith and Frankie Boyle. 

Ms Faith has publicly decreed Mr Trump, lashing out at him saying: "I'm backing the protests because I believe in human rights and compassion and Trump evidently does not."

Several major unions are also joining the rally, with TUC, TSSA, NUJ and RMT unions making up part of the coalition. 


And prominent politicians are also among the supporters, with Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, former Labour leader Ed Miliband, Green Party leader Ms Lucas and Lib Dem leader Tim Farron backing the movement.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017