Bow Group Backs Theresa May's Education Proposals

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Sunday, September 11, 2016


The Bow Group is encouraged by the Prime Minister's adoption of two Group policies as part of her bold proposals to reform education.

Alongside her flagship proposal to lift the ban on grammar schools, Theresa May has called for universities, businesses and companies to be involved in assisting those from non-traditional university backgrounds reach higher education. This strategy will feature mentoring systems in order to increase social mobility.

This follows the recommendations espoused in our 2012 'Race to the Top' research paper, which have now been put forward by 10 Downing Street.

"4. We call on the Government to support the expansion of an industry-wide and corporate funded diversity mentoring scheme, such as the scheme already piloted by Elevation through organisations including financial services firms Deloitte LLP, Ernst & Young, and banking firm HSBC.

5. We propose that State schools should deliver independent careers advice to students and involve parents in the process of selecting universities and choosing careers paths. Whilst the key person that holds ultimate responsibility for any student's employment and academic outcomes will always be the student, we believe that in order to give everyone the best chance possible there must be an even playing field."

The paper, with a forward from The Rt Hon. Simon Hughes MP, can be accessed here

The Bow Group is delighted that the Prime Minister has confirmed her exciting plans to expand current grammar schools and lift the ban on the creation of new grammar schools, after taking the initiative alongside leading conservative politicians, think tanks and campaigning organisations to declare pre-emptive support.

"The Tory organisations came together in an attempt to refute claims that the Prime Minister would not have the support of enough Conservative MPs for Parliament to approve the new schools.

Those announcing their support include former Cabinet ministers Dominic Grieve, John Redwood and Lord Tebbit.

The organisations backing the move are the Bow Group, Conservative Voice, Conservative Grassroots, Conservatives for Liberty, Parliament Street, ResPublica, Centre for Policy Studies and The Freedom Association."

The news article can be read here