Bow Group - 'Brexit: What Next For Britain?' Question Time

Friday, September 9, 2016


The Bow Group wishes to thank all who attended our Question Time-style discussion event in Parliament on 'Brexit: What Next For Britain?', covering a range of issues related to how leaving the European Union will impact the UK.

Chaired by the Bow Group's Political Secretary Ben Balliger, the panel comprised of The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP, Mr. Graham Evans MP, Cllr. Ben Harris-Quinney, Dr. Andrew Lilico, Mr. Phillip Blond and Dr. Martin Edobor.

The debate ranged from how the Government would not be pursuing membership of the European Economic Area whilst being undecided on single market clauses, the need to reassess Britain's own objectives on the world stage, the cultural impact of migration, the rights of EU Citizens and British Expatriates, and the outstanding need for a clear timetable on Article 50.

The event's recording can be accessed below:

Listen to the discussion here