The Bow Group calls for the UK Government to ignore "International Women's Day"

Thursday, March 8, 2018
David Sergeant

"Endless obsession with ‘special days’ shows we’re becoming more divided and less mature as a country, and men have it tougher anyway."  David Sergeant, Bow Group Culture Fellow

• All days based on identity politics should be abolished or ignored. They do far more to divide our society than unite it
• The narrative of ‘female oppression’ or second class citizenry in modern Britain is largely nonsensical & baseless
• Men have, in fact, gradually become the less privileged gender in Britain over the past two decades:

  1. Suicide is now the primary cause of death in men under 49
  2. 75% of suicide victims are male
  3. 85% of homeless people are male
  4. On average men have a 5 year lower life span than women
  5. Men are 3.5 times more likely to be imprisoned than women for the same crime
  6. Men serve 64% longer prison sentences than women
  7. Men make up the majority of victims of violent crime
  8. Men are more likely to be unemployed than women
  9. More than 80% of custodial battles over children are won by women
  10. Women are now 35% more likely to go to university than men (ONS)

The Bow Group recommends that the Government focus on the following 5 areas to address the gender imbalance between men and women, and does so 365 days of the year:

  1. The creation of a special ring-fenced fund for majority working-class white schools
  2. Making pornography harder to access
  3. Making apprenticeships an education budget priority
  4. Tackling the cannabis epidemic  
  5. Committing to placing mental health at parity with physical health in all NHS application


"This endless obsession with ‘special days’ shows we’re becoming more divided and less mature as a country, international women's day is unecessary, and men have it tougher in the UK anyway. 
Men should celebrate the wonderful women in our lives, each and every day. We can do better than an allocated 24 hours based on misguided principles and erroneous data. Conservative men should empower wherever possible through loving leadership and the encouragement of natural femininity."
David Sergeant, Bow Group Culture Fellow

"The notion that women are underpriveleged in British society is clearly and demonstrably false. A wealth of statstics suggest that in modern Britain men are actually less privileged than women. Rather than wasting time, money, and government attention on special days for men or women however, the Government should be focussing on solving many of the extremely serious problems that effect both genders, which are in most cases getting worse."
Bow Group Chairman, Cllr Ben Harris-Quinney

"Men are increasingly getting a bad press. It is fair to say that I am often pilloried for simply arguing that men and women should be treated equally”

Bow Group Parliamentary Board Member, Philip Davies MP