The Conscience Clause: A Pressing Need to Defend the Faith

Friday, July 24, 2015
Ed Kozak

One often hears the phrases “soft totalitarianism” or “creeping totalitarianism” used in regards to the modern left and its never-ending crusade for political correctness and “equality”. I think it’s safe to say that said totalitarianism is no longer creeping or soft; it has in fact broken into a sprint.

Throughout the Anglosphere, the left, and the LGBT lobby in particular, is openly and aggressively trying to control people’s thoughts and actions whenever possible, whether through legal means or social pressure. Under the guise of “tolerance” and “anti-bigotry”, a viciously intolerant group of bigots is seeing that the businesses are ruined, savings drained, and lives destroyed of anyone who dares to even suggest a moral disapproval of a homosexual lifestyle.


From B&B-owners and bakers in the UK, to wedding photographersbakers, and CEOs in the United States, it is clear that anyone who tries to uphold traditional or religious beliefs regarding marriage and sexual morality will be targeted. Unfortunately, as it stands, current anti-discrimination and equality legislation in the UK gives these radicals the legal means with which to carry out their persecution of the religious and traditional.


For years the LGBT lobby has been using the language of live and let live in its alleged drive for mere tolerance. But what is happening across the Anglosphere currently is not live and let live. It is we live our way and smile and nod in approval or else. It is nothing less than an attempt to silence completely any and all moral opposition to certain sexual behaviors in the public forum. 

But if we are to be a free and open society, then surely people must be free to disagree openly with behavior and lifestyle choices that stand in stark contrast to their deeply-held religious beliefs, and to act on those beliefs. David Cameron claims, rightly so, that Britain is a Christian country. But what sort of Christian country allows innocent people to lose their entire livelihoods for merely upholding traditional Christian moral teaching?  

The left claims that to do so, to live according Christian beliefs, is discrimination. But no business owner I am aware of has ever outright refused to serve homosexuals on the sole basis of their being homosexuals, which would indeed be wrong and thoroughly unchristian, for that matter. The bakeries in both the US and the UK did not refuse to serve gays because they were gay, rather they refused to bake cakes specifically for gay marriages or in celebration of the effort to legalize gay marriage. The Cornish B&B owners did not refuse to allow a gay couple to stay at their establishment, they refused to allow a gay couple to share the same room in their establishment, which was also their home, just as they would have refused a single room to an unmarried straight couple.

Christians are not calling for the re-criminalisation of sodomy, and many aren’t even calling for the reversal of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. They are asking only to be allowed to follow their consciences and act on their beliefs in peace. In short, they desire merely to follow their hearts, something one might think homosexual activists would understand well.

Christian business owners should be allowed to refuse participation in gay weddings and Christian B&B owners should be allowed to deny single rooms to unmarried couples. Moreover Christian doctors should be able to excuse themselves from anything to do with infanticide, and Christian registrars should be able to recuse themselves from officiating gay “marriages”.

Freedom of conscience and the freedom to act on one’s conscience are crucial to the maintenance of a free and open society. It is therefore imperative, given the ascendant social gospel of the day and the aggressive manner in which the left is targeting dissenters, that legislation be enacted to protect Christian’s deeply-held personal and religious beliefs. Her Majesty is Defender of the Faith; surely Her Majesty’s government must do all they can to uphold people’s free exercise of that faith.