Five Practical Steps For innovation In The NHS

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Atula Abeysekera

The Bow Group has released a policy paper, "Five practical steps for innovation in the NHS and wider healthcare", by Atula Abeysehera.

Our five step policy recommendations are not radical, but they are incremental innovations.

We are confident that they will achieve cost savings, improve efficiency and productivity to streamline workflow and foster collaboration to harness renewable energy of patients, carers, volunteers and social care services and million + frontline NHS staff.

Our objective is to decrease the length of in-patient stay; reduce emergency re-admission rates and reduce number of repeat diagnostic tests and follow-up, and broadly help NHS England to implement its ‘Mandate’. 

In summary the ideas are:

1. Think digital through apps, smart devices, artificial intelligence and better email/SMS access for patients to clinicians.

2. Think small-scale innovation in front line services: small 'hubs' of clinicians and SMEs, which can commercialise success.

3. Think quality of product design and services during innovation.

4. Think reward schemes to encourage entrepreneurship, implementing a reward scheme for successful risk-taking.

5. Think always to reduce error rates in order to foster innovations.

The full paper can be downloaded using the link below. 


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