The Future of Public Security in the Middle East: Speeches by Dr. Schueftan and Bob Blackman MP

Foreign Affairs & Security
Friday, November 25, 2016


The Bow Group wishes to thank all who attended our second joint event of 2016 with the Israeli Embassy in London on 'The Future of Public Security in the Middle East', assessing internal domestic issues within the State of Israel, the challenges it faces, and the strategic geopolitical situation in a turbulent region of the world.

We very much enjoyed listening to the excellent contributions made by Dr. Dan Schueftan - a senior Israeli academic, Director of the National Security Studies Centre and consultant to the Government of Israel - and Mr. Bob Blackman MP - Member of Parliament for Harrow East and a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel who has crucially consulted both the Israelis and Palestinians.

The speeches by our distinguished guests and a record of our live blogging in partnership with Tremr may be accessed below: 

Listen to the speech by Dr. Dan Schueftan

Listen to the speech by Bob Blackman MP

Read the live blog on Tremr