Generation Conservative: Mission Statement

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Sophia Bryant & Charlotte Chase


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Generation Conservative outlines its purpose and aims as an unaffiliated ideological movement

The recent success of Generation Conservative has somewhat brought into question who we are and what are our objectives. 

There have been multiple young conservative movements in recent years; consequently, we wish to clarify what sets Generation Conservative apart.

Firstly, Generation Conservative is not affiliated with the Conservative Party. Perhaps this is the most explicit difference between ourselves compared with other youth movements. Indeed, one of our central aims as an organisation is to promote debate, enabling us to defend ideas of conservatism rather than act as a mouthpiece for the Party. In championing conservatism, we aim to hold the Party to account, frequently assuming a critical role.

Further, we aim to provide an alternative platform for debate at university. Unfortunately, this has become an environment somewhat akin to a liberal microcosm. Thus, it is unsurprising most conservatives do not undertake futile efforts to campaign. Moreover, unlike most conservative youth organisations, we operate both online and on campus, expanding our role beyond handing out Party flyers when elections roll around. 

We embrace our unaffiliated status as our advantage. It gives us the ability to freely support and initiate grassroots campaigns. For example, we are able to back the anti-NUS campaigns which swept across UK universities early this summer. Simultaneously, we sought to defend free speech, whilst confronting a union with great contempt for democracy, representation and diversity of opinion.

The truth is… not every student is a Corbynista. Many conservative-minded students are afraid to speak out at liberal dominated universities. Generation Conservative provides an unrivaled platform for them to do just that. 

Our aim is to promote conservatism as a credible alternative, through campaigning, writing and speaking out against the liberal left.