This House Believes New Labour Failed Britain, at the Cambridge Union Society

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney debates alongside John Redwood MP, Peter Hitchens and Andrew Mitchell MP against Benjamin Kentish, Hazel Blears MP, Lisa Nandy MP and Andy Burnham MP, on the proposition that New Labour failed Britain.

Watch the full debate here.

Read the article "Blair's Britain, by the Conservative Party" here.

5:55 BEN HARRIS-QUINEY - Ben Harris-Quinney is the current Chairman of the Bow Group, a leading Conservative think tank. Prior to this he chaired their Foreign Policy Research Committee. Additionally he has regularly contributed to The Guardian, The Times and The Independent, as well as being a contributing editor of the

33:16 JOHN REDWOOD - John Redwood is MP for Wokingham, an influential Conservative backbencher, and a former Secretary of State for Wales. He has twice stood for the Conservative leadership.

53:47 PETER HITCHENS - A well-known Mail on Sunday columnist and the author of six books, Hitchens is famous for his right-wing views and tenacious style of writing and debating

1:17:30 ANDREW MITCHELL MP - Andrew Mitchell has been an MP since 1987. He also served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development before being appointed Government Chief Whip in 2012.

13:37 BENJAMIN KENTISH - Outgoing President of the Cambridge Union Society, Ben is a third year PPS student at Emmanuel College.

43:19 HAZEL BLEARS MP - Hazel Blears has been an MP since 1997 and served as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government from 2007-2009

1:02:53 LISA NANDY - Lisa Nandy is a Labour Party politician and is the current MP for Wigan. Elected in May 2010, she is one of the first six Asian female MPs and is currently shadow junior education minister

1:28:26 ANDY BURNHAM MP - Andy Burnham served under Gordon Brown as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Culture Secretary and Health Secretary, and ran for Labour leadership in 2010