To 'keep calm and carry on' won't work; it's precisely why we continue to live under the threat of Islamic terror.

Home Affairs
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Mackenzie Young

The bien pensants of the liberal media establishment have, in the wake of the tragedy in Manchester, impressed upon us how important it is that we 'act as if nothing happened', because, supposedly, that's how we win. Their sub-intellectual, loudmouth Twitterati counterparts and other vacuous cretins have been just as quick to deal with what is, of course, the most pressing issue following attack: the potential future victims of 'Islamophobia'. Few thoughts are spared for the victims, and fewer still for the millions of British people who must continue to live in fear for their lives. It is time to demand justice, and a great part of this must involve an uprising against the politically correct, virtue-signalling pan troglodytes so determined to whisper the poison in our ears: 'keep calm and carry on'.


Indeed, people espousing this ideology have no love for Britain or its people. The self-same individuals despise the nation state and national identity, mindlessly clamouring for open borders without a second's thought for the disastrous consequences this would inflict on their fellow countrymen. The childish hyper-emotionality and egocentrism these individuals show in this regard is truly despicable, but it’s a further ideological crux they rest on to make the jump from resenting their ingroup to actively undermining it and supporting instead various outgroups. This crux supposes that, given colonialism, Britain, Europe and the West have something to apologise for more than any other country does, and that, as a result, its culture, history and traditions represent violence and oppression and must be done away with. In parallel, non-Western cultures, people, ideologies and even nationalistic sentiments are endorsed and encouraged in light of the false pretext that a) only the West has ever done wrong, and b) every ethnic European/Westerner alive is guilty of these historical wrongdoings.


Hence, in the wake of every atrocity, the liberal left’s mental gymnastics begin: how is this really the West’s fault? How can I deflect and diverge from the issue, and how can I shoehorn in my socio-political agenda to criticise my despised ingroup? Political correctness will not permit correctly identifying the enemy as inherently related to Islam, and so it is far easier to switch into the thought loops of tautology and buy into these virtue signalling, politically correct, but ultimately false narratives. This said, the very act of buying into these means joining the self-loathing, anti-ingroup choir, overriding every survival instinct you have to perpetually provide apologisms for Islamic terror.


These people knowingly act against their own best interests,yet fail to grasp that by doing so they incite foreign nationalism at home. They are creating and exaggerating precisely the intergroup differences that lead to prejudice and intergroup conflict. Moreover, in attempting to destroy the national and cultural identity of the West, and acting as a pressure group to that effect, they are sowing the seeds to breed extremism. A weak national culture further prevents cultural assimilation, and if there’s no dominant culture to integrate into, what fills that gap? The answer in some cases seems to be Islamism.


That we, our culture and our civilisation face an existential threat, and the response of the fashionable, 'liberal' ideology is ‘do nothing’, then this should tell us all we need to know. To 'keep calm and carry on' is no longer a patriotic call to arms, but the slogan of a fifth column ideology intent on nothing less than the obliteration of this country and Western culture more widely. The more we obey and continue to castrate and weaken our culture and national identity, the more relentless will be the attacks from the unapologetic, domineering culture of radical Islam.