The Named Person Scheme must be abolished, not amended

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Dr. Jon Stanley


What have Christians ever done for Scotland? They fought for your right to raise your children how you want to raise them. They didn't insist they were raised Christian. They just fought for you to choose your path for your children.

Politicians are claiming credit for opposing the SNP's Named Person Scheme. Here is the evidence: not one elected representative of any party took the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court.

Christians, parents of Myalgic Encephalopathy sufferers and a secular charity for education did:  "The Christian Institute and others (Appellants) v The Lord Advocate (Respondent) (Scotland)"

Chalk that one up to the “sky fairy” and remember that centrists, chomping at the bit for consensus, weren't in that court. Rhetoric isn't enough, sometimes you need faith instead.

Some people think that the scheme should now be reformed. This misses the point. It’s rotten and sinister. Bury it now.

"Tomorrow’s debate will be a chance for the new Parliament to have its say. The Scottish Conservative position is to scrap the new scheme entirely. However, in an effort to find consensus, our motion will propose that the scheme be paused to ensure further debate. An option may be for it to return to the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee for fresh scrutiny."

- Ruth Davidson, ConservativeHome, 7th June 2016

”Only now are parents waking up to how big an intrusion this is. Let’s press the pause button on this. Let’s not introduce it in August. Let’s get back round the table and find a way to best allocate resources to the young people who are in vulnerable and at risk situations who need it the most.”

- Ruth Davidson, The Scotsman, 30th March 2016

“While Davidson claims the party “have fought this at every way”, the party did not oppose the measure in parliament when it was passed 103 votes to zero in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.

It now emerges that Tory colleagues in South Ayrshire have been implementing the scheme ahead of the rest of the country."

- Michael Gray, Commonspace, 13th May 2016

Dr. Jon Stanley is a Junior Doctor, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and Health Contributor at the Bow Group