New Bow Briefing Paper Launched: "In Britain's Self-Defence"

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Regis Giles

Bow Group Calls for Urgent Action to Avert Rape & Sexual Abuse Crisis


The Bow Group publishes a research paper "In Britain's Self-Defence" today, calling for the Government to address the rising numbers of rape and sexual abuse incidents by implementing self defence classes into the National Curriculum.

The full paper is published on the Bow Group website below.

  • Rape figures in the UK more than doubled from 30 incidents per 100,000 citizens in 2010 to 62 incidents per 100,000 citizens in 2015
  • Rape statistics have spiked up to 123% in the UK from the years 2015-16. Of that percentage a third of these abused people were children.
  • The cost of services of children affected by sexual abuse has been estimated at £3.2 billion

The Bow Group recommends:

  1. Implementing a self defence programme into the national curriculum as part of a pupil’s physical education.
  2. We propose that a NGO is formed to create a compatible programme to implement the teaching of self defence in UK schools
  3. That the programme is first trialed in a small number of schools to gather data, finesse the programme and work with the Department of Education to allow compatibility with the national curriculum.
  4. Following the trial phase we propose that funding is made available via the Physical Education (PE) Premium to allow schools to have the option of teaching self defence as part of their PE programme
  5. Once stages 2, 3 and 4 have been met funding and time are allocated in the UK national curriculum to teach all children ages 3-18 how to defend themselves Quotes: "It shouldn't be surprising that Britain now has epidemic problems of rape and sexual abuse, the whole approach has been wrong. We need to stop being squeemish about helping people empower themselves to defend themselves, in most cases the only person that can stop a rapist is the intended victim.

As a woman it is sad to see Britain implementing classes to teach people not to rape, whilst the numbers of rape and sexual abuse incidents are skyrocketing. I empowered myself by learning to defend myself, and that is what I want for every child" Regis Giles, Author of "In Britain's Self-Defence" & Director of Defend Yourself Now

“For too long sexual abuse, bullying and poor mental health have gone unaddressed in Britain, particularly by conservatives. With numbers reaching crisis levels it is time to change our approach. Empowering children to defend themselves responsibly while gaining mental and physical fitness should form part of our national physical education syllabus, and could have a dramatic effect on improving the quality of life of our nation.” Cllr Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman, The Bow Group

The paper will be launched at an event in Parliament with the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP on the evening of 13/9/17





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