New Bow Briefing Paper Launched: "To Lay in Valour: Protecting the Graves of our Military Heroes"

Home Affairs
Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Ben Harris-Quinney


In the lead up to Remembrance Day the Bow Group has released a briefing paper challenging the Government to provide an adequate system to record, preserve and maintain the graves and memorials of Victoria Cross and high medal recipients who have served to great distinction in the British Armed Forces throughout the history of the United Kingdom.

Read the full paper here.

Nic Conner, Author of "To Lay in Valour" and Bow Group Campaigns Director:

"The Victoria Cross is won by our bravest sons and daughters who in the face of the enemy and almost certain death, risk their lives to save their comrades and our country. It is our duty as nation to make sure we know where their graves are, that they have suitable memorials and their graves are protected. They represent a crucial part of the story of our island'.

Ben Harris-Quinney, Author of "To Lay in Valour" and Chairman of the Bow Group:

"While the Victoria Cross is a deeply personal award for the recipients and their families, those that have received the award are also an important part of our national fabric, they must rank in our history alongside great achievers in industry, politics and the arts and that achievement must be reflected in their memorial - they deserve to fall into the 'blue plaque' category. What we ask of the Government is to underwrite the cost of the maintainance of memorials to VC winners, and to raise awareness of their significance in our history. Even in this time of austerity it is an incredibly small financial contribution from a nation which surely owes their VCs far far more than can ever be paid."


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