This is a people's revolution, but it's also a conservative revolution

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Ben Harris-Quinney


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Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney comments on today's US Presidential Election outcome

Regardless of whether you wanted Donald Trump to win or not, this election is the most important political event since the fall of the Soviet Union. It represents, along with Brexit, a heavy blow to an already worn-out left-wing establishment, and the resurgence of the voice of the silent majority, long ignored.

Political correctness, progressives and cultural Marxism have become "chokers" of our freedom of expression, democracy and creativity, but this is now beginning to be left behind.

This is a "people's" revolution, but it is also a conservative revolution, and conservatives must now use this opportunity to take back the media, government, and institutions that have been used against us all for so long.

What will come from now on depends only on us. I very much hope that it will undo all the damage that the last twenty years of leftist leadership has caused to Western civilization, so that we can feel proud again and stop apologizing for our great achievements and people.

Ben Harris-Quinney is Chairman of the Bow Group