The Revolving Dore

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My experiences in the Courts over many years have made me increasingly concerned about the value for money of our Young Offender Institutions. The cost of a place in one of these is well over £30,000 per year and, in terms of re-offending rates, they are a dismal failure.The pamphlet raises serious issues amongst which are: the link between literacy, school exclusions and crime; the lack of emphasis at Young Offender Institutions on education; the lack of sport and in particular team sport; and the high number of hours young people spend each day locked up doing nothing constructive. One conclusion I come to is that short sentences (anything under 12 months) are a complete waste of time. No course of activities that would seriously curb re-offending can be completed in such a short space of time. Any offence not worth twelve months should be dealt with by a community punishment. I conclude by stressing the need for a comprehensive re-settlement programme, with a re-settlement wing in every Young Offender Institution which ensures that on release from custody youngsters go to decent housing, a job, or continuing education. If we don't have an effective re-settlement policy inevitably it will mean the "revolving dore".