Transgender schooling of infants must be opposed – but will our political leaders speak out?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Jonathan Stanley

The cult of transgenderism has taken a very ugly turn. As a libertarian I consider sexuality, whisky and voting in the same bracket. For adults only and in their own privacy.

The LGBT movement more than any have normalised shifting sex and sexuality into the public space. People wish to be open about their sexuality, whatever that means. Personally if I tried to be very open with an attractive blonde in my office I'd be disciplined, not praised. It is a dynamic like any other that in the end requires consent, and therefore this means it requires an adult way of thinking.

I don't like sexualised public spaces, I find them ironically quite impersonal and the opposite of inclusive. Nonetheless adults are as they are.

I cannot believe in transgenderism more than I can believe in a flat Earth or a lead aeroplane. It simply cannot be according to the law of science my profession is based on. I do however respect any adult in their own right and would not intimidate or insult them, as long as they stay out of my personal space.

When I read in The Scotsman that primary school children will now be "educated" in transgenderism I could not help but think of the Willy Wonka memes so popular now and penned my own,

"I see you have a sexual interest in children, have you considered a career in primary education?"

I'll be subtle. I believe the people who infatuate the sexualisation of children are perverts. Those who seek in the first instance, when they are learning boundaries and norms of their society, to actively blur and confuse them whether for Marxism or liberal causes, are abusive nihilists.

We are sadly back to the childless parliament, made of left wing arts grads who having failed to have their own children and have made a mess of their own identity and direction, now seek to impose this new cultish religion on others and their children.

I want no part of it. I want these nihilistic perverts fired because they serve no purpose other than to create chaos in the minds of children and all of this without consent. They are wicked and those politicians who idily shrug their shoulders while this happens are no better. I want them fired too.

How can it be in a nation where reading scores are sliding, numeracy is sliding, dental health remains poor and poverty continues to hamper life chances there are people entertaining the use of our money to brainwash our children without any consent? 

We are reaching a fork in the road, a line in the culture war that has been fought for decades now and one we are too willing to compromise on for the sake of polite society. The political right needs to have at least electoral offering that is prepared, like Trump, to brutalise such radicals and make professional life uncomfortable for them for the duty of the profession is to put the public and their charges first, and not their own neo-religious nonsense.