Bow Group Senior Patron, Ann Widdecombe, blasts the BBC for 'bleak Brexit outlook.'

Ms Widdecombe particularly railed against BBC coverage of Brexit, insisting they had deliberately painted a “bleak picture” of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Earlier this month, the broadcaster was forced to defend its coverage, claiming it is not biased after Eurosceptic MPs accused it of a “whitewash”.

MPs from across the political spectrum called for the introduction of new guidelines to ensure the BBC remains fair in the way it reports on Britain’s European divorce.

Discussing its coverage, Ms Widdecombe told The Richie Allen Show: “The BBC is institutionally left-wing.

 “I never expected the BBC to give Brexit a fair wind. It wasn’t too bad during the referendum, although it was quite subtle in the way it dealt with certain things. 

“I noticed, for example, several occasions when you had economists arguing something and then they didn’t put up a Brexit economist, they put up a Brexit politician to give an impression all the serious experts were on one side.

“I didn’t think their coverage was as completely unbiased as people said.”

The former Tory MP did, however, insist their coverage had become more biased after the country voted to leave the European Union.

Ms Widdecombe added: “Ever since Brexit, they have undeniably tried to paint a bleak picture  – I think Liam Fox was right to challenge them, if only it might give them a bit of pause.”

Dr Fox, the International Trade Secretary, claimed the BBC would rather see Britain fail than Brexit succeed as he targeted them for their coverage of the divorce.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he said: “It does appear that some elements of our media would rather see Britain fail than see Brexit succeed. 

 “I cannot recall a single time in recent times when I have seen a good economic news that the BBC didn’t describe as ‘despite Brexit’.”

His comments, in July, came after Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons, called for broadcasters to be a “bit patriotic” about Brexit during a BBC Newsnight interview, in June. has contacted the BBC for comment.


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Monday, August 21, 2017