The Bow Group's John Redwood makes Brexit 'No Deal' threat to the EU

The Conservative politician hit back and questioned why it was “so difficult” for the bloc to understand how Britain will push for a customs partnership with the European Union, which would rid of a customs border between the UK and the rest of the bloc.

Speaking to RTÉ Radio 1’s Today with Sean O’Rourke, the Leave campaigner insisted the UK had made a “friendly” offer to Brussels.

He said: “We’re not in a fantasy world at all, we’re making an extremely positive, friendly, generous offer but we accept that if the EU doesn’t want the offer then we will leave and we will trade under WTO rules – what’s so difficult to understand about that?”

Presenter O’Rourke fired back at Mr Redwood and replied: “Nothing, except that it hurts British companies and British farmers.”

But the Brexiteer stood firm and said the EU should focus on the impact of Brexit on remaining member states instead of criticising the UK.

He replied: “I don’t agree and that’s an issue for me and my colleagues and the UK electorate, it’s not really a matter for other countries.

“What should concern the EU is the impact on other member states, including the Republic of Ireland, and I hope one day the EU will be sitting down to discuss how your businesses are going to be trading into our market because that surely is his concern.”

The comments come after Mr Verhofstadt sought to remind the UK it should instead focus on citizens rights and the Brexit divorce bill as a priority in its exit proceedings.


He tweeted: “To be in & out of the Customs Union & "invisible borders" is a fantasy. First need to secure citizens rights & a financial settlement.” 

He added: "Terrorists & criminals don't respect borders! Cross border instruments mean we are #SaferTogether." 

The proposals would see Britain and the EU enforcing each other’s customs rules so there would be no need for a new physical border post-Brexit.

If it is given the green light it will be the first such agreement in the world.

A European Commission spokesman said they will study the UK’s customs proposal ahead of the next negotiation round starting in two weeks time.

He warned: “As Michel Barnier has said on several occasions, 'frictionless trade' is not possible outside the Single Market and Customs Union."



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Friday, August 18, 2017