Sunday Express: Bow Group Poll finds 95% of Brexiteers Support a Brexit Pact, 93% Support No Deal

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However, in a week where Downing Street strongly rejected overtures for a Brexit alliance with Nigel Farage the poll showed that the Tories can only win with Brexit Party support.

The findings had the Con­servatives on 28 percent, just one point ahead of Labour on 27 per cent.

The Lib Dems are on 20 percent and Brexit Party is on 13 per cent.

It comes as a survey by the Bow Group, the oldest Con­servative think ­tank, of more than 2,000 Tory voters reveals that 90 percent want an electoral pact between the Tories and Brexit Party, while 93 percent want a no­deal Brexit.

Bow Group chairman Ben­jamin Harris­-Quinney said: “It’s a time to put petty differ­ ences aside and form an unstop­ pable Brexit coalition to take us out of the EU by November.

“If Boris can’t even unite the Brexit movement he will never unite the country.”

Mr Johnson is facing another Tory grassroots revolution, with 35 senior association of officers signing a letter supporting the Conservative Campaign Democracy’s demand that the local parties are given the power to pick candidates.

It comes amid concerns that maverick Remainers such as Dominic Grieve and the other 20 rebels who were sacked earlier this month for refusing to back the Government may be allowed back into the party and even be reinstalled as candidates at the next election.

The letter says: “It is no secret that relations between CCHQ (Conservative Campaign HQ) and associations are at an all­ time low.

“CCHQ can fix this by returning the power they took away from associa­tions to decide who their Conservative candidate is and making sure the pro­cess is more transparent and democratic, instead of imposing CCHQ’s favoured candidates on them.”

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Sunday, September 15, 2019