Cllr Ben Harris-Quinney FRSA

Chairman & Conservative Research Fellow
Ben Harris-Quinney has been involved in politics and international relations for a decade, having worked on foreign policy in both the UK and European Parliaments. He has also advised the US, Spanish and Chilean governments on security and foreign policy issues as well as opposition parties in Bahrain, Albania, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. In 2010 he received the US Leadership Institute’s Global Leadership Award and in 2014 he was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He studied International Relations and Economics at Sciences Po Strasbourg and the London School of Economics where he holds a Masters degree.
Prior to chairing the Bow Group Ben has served on the Group's Council for three years, as Membership Secretary (2009/10) and Political Officer & Senior Member of Council (2010/11). In this time he chaired the Foreign Policy Research Committee where he has produced a wide range of articles and target research. In 2010 Ben published a paper entitled "Latin America - An Opportunity for the UK: A Report Based on the Spanish Experience in the Region"; in 2011 he published "The Eurozone & Germany - Crisis & Opportunity"; and in 2012 he published "To Lay in Valour - Protecting the Graves of Our Military Heroes". Ben has contributed regularly to a number of publications including The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, the Telegraph, The Independent and La Razon as well as appearing on CSPAN, BBC television and radio, LBC, Sky News, Channel 4, ITV, Russia Today and British Forces Broadcasting Service. He is a featured opinion writer at the Daily Express.
He has spoken at Oxford, Cambridge, the LSE, Durham, King's College London and UCL as well as many other leading universities and education establishments. He serves on the board of the Victoria Cross Trust, a charity focussed on commemerating the lives of winners of the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest military medal. 
Ben has been an elected Councillor in Hertfordshire since 2012.