Paul Burstow MP highlights Bow Group's 2009 "Telecare" Paper

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Paul Burstow MP, Minister responsible for Care Services has championed 'telecare' or 'doctor by broadband', as advocated by the Bow Group in its August 2009 paper. The author of the Bow Group's paper, Sue Yeandle, Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds highlighted that by 2025 the number of people aged 85 or older in England is set to increase by 70% to nearly two million. In this group currently more than a third of men (37%) and more than half of women (55%) live alone. Most have a limiting long term illness. Responding to the then Government's 2009 Green paper on social care 'Shaping the Future of Care Together', the University of Leeds and the Bow Group produced research which demonstrated that Telecare offers a proven "win-win" for the health and social care system. Telecare helps sick, disabled and older people remain at home for longer by supporting them 24/7 with alarms, alerts, health monitoring and communication.   Read the full paper here.
Thursday, March 8, 2012