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Conservative Revolution

Britain and the world’s oldest conservative think tank

Conservative Revolution

Britain and the world’s oldest conservative think tank

The Conservative Party Refuses to Learn the Lesson that When People Vote Conservative, They Expect Conservatism

May 31, 2022 | News, Print Media | 0 comments

Voters are turning on Boris Johnson because he’s too left wing, Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney has said.

Mr Harris-Quinney made the remarks after a ConservativeHome survey of Tory Party members put the prime minister at the bottom of the “Cabinet League Table”, while his net satisfaction rating in May was minus 15 points.

The Bow Group chairman told the Express: “It is quite simply not a conservative Government and not a Brexit Government.

“That’s why the people that voted it into power are calling final time on a Conservative Party that refuses to learn the lesson – that when people vote Conservative, they expect conservatism.”

He added: “On every major area of policy this Government is operating far to the left of Blair. Last year over a million immigrants came to the UK to live, which is a greater number than came under Labour, or under any government in history.

“The biggest driver behind Brexit was immigration, and the feeling was that post-Brexit the Government would dramatically reduce immigration, rather than dramatically increase it.”

Read the full article here at the Express

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